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WoodyRoo by Billy Wood – Designer and Creator

Born and bred in Sydney, from a young age I was obsessed with the fit of my clothes. Granny was forever taking in football jumpers and hemming my boardies and I was always compelled to tuck my shirt in.

Granny was a great seamstress and taught me how to sew. Around 9 years ago she dragged me down to the fabric store where I found this great roll of jersey fabric and I took it home and stitched it up. I went back to get more fabric the next day and from there I fell in love with making clothes and realised this is what I wanted to do every day for the rest of my life.   

After a couple of years of sitting in cafes filling sketchpads with designs and sewing up samples, I studied fashion design although dropped out after two months. From then on I jumped in and worked with some of the best tailors in Sydney to develop the first samples and launched the first collection at Paddington Markets in 2012.

Australian Made

From day one, WoodyRoo set out to create quality Australian clothing in Australia. To this day we remain loyal to continue to manufacture locally with 100% of our production being on Australian shores. Premium fabrics have been sourced from around the world, including superfine Australian wool suiting sourced from the grazing pastures of New South Wales, Japanese cotton drills, linens, and Italian shirting.

In the vein of JFK, we choose to do so not because it easy, but because it is hard, and because the results are better made clothes. 

WoodyRoo invests time and money into working with manufacturers so that our practices are both ethical and sustainable. It is a good feeling knowing that your clothes haven’t been pumped out by a sweatshop driven by profit margins. 

When you part with your money you know that it goes straight back into building WoodyRoo into a great Australian brand. 

The WoodyRoo Store

WoodyRoo opened it's flagship store in June 2016. WoodyRoo HQ is located on the iconic William Street in Paddington. 

Open Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm and weekdays by appointment. Email me at to drop by mid week. 

The Collection

The design aesthetic takes inspiration from yesteryear, where our forefathers dressed with class and would don a jacket and hat every time they stepped out. They had their own tailor, and were mates with their barber and the barman knew their drink.

The label has set out to give guys the chance to dress well every day and is characterised by elements of classic tailoring and contemporary, youthful cuts and details giving a “modern classic” feel.